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Women's Strength Advocate | Mind Strength Coach| Author | Speaker | Powerlifter

Based out of Chicago, Filipino American Women's Strength Advocate, Mind Strength Coach, Author, Speaker and Power Lifter, Laarni Mulvey, is the Founder of Strong and Mighty Company. Finding her own inner strength allowed her to channel her voice to focus on encouraging women to harness their own unique power and strength. Using her voice to bring about global change and awareness to the narrative surrounding the perception of women. Known as ‘The Power Lady’ she encourages and leads women to honor themselves and build a powerful legacy for future generations. Her message is to champion women to let them know they are stronger than they think they are.

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Laarni Mulvey

As an immigrant from the Philippines and growing up in the Chicagoland area, physical strength and sports has always been my interest.  I chose my career working in sports medicine and my 15 years working in the sports medicine gave me some powerful insights into the world of sports and athletes.  The observations and interactions with athletes also gave me the opportunity to learn the different perceptions of women across a multitude of sports.  Learning from my own experience and expertise has allowed me to channel my voice to focus on encouraging women to harness their own unique power and strength. I started being known as ‘The Power Lady’ because of my interest in powerlifting but also my ability to encourage and lead women to honor themselves.  I want to build a powerful legacy for future generations of strong woman leaders. I created what’s called the Tools of Strength Program that is designed to take an individual into a journey of finding oneself to build inner strength that will convey to the outside self.  This program is great to use by both individuals and groups. 

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