About Me

The Strong and Mighty Company began as a vision in 2009.  I have always known I wanted to have my own company but I did not want just any company.  I wanted a company that would provide value to people and makes an impact in the world.  2020 started normal, but when March 2020 happened, I lost my job.  I had a choice, I could have dwelled on the situation handed to me, or, I can take the loss of my job as a sign to start my dream company.  I began speaking my purpose into existence and I experienced the sense that I was called to help people, mainly women, know they are stronger than what they think they are.  It became my mission to change the narrative of what women tell themselves.  It became important to me to become the representation of a strong, Asian, woman, that I did not see growing up.  To build a path not only for the new and upcoming generation but for the generation that is here now. 

In my experience as an Athletic Trainer working with sports and non-traditional athletes, I began realizing that I may not have the label of coach, but deep down I have the ability to coach. I helped athletes untap their inner strength but now I wanted to help more people unleash their inner strength.  When I first started powerlifting it was focused on fitness and health.  What I did learn is that powerlifting opened up a part of me that I didn’t think I would take action on. I learned that there was this other side of me that wanted to coach and help other people succeed. Powerlifting built my confidence and allowed me to connect to like-minded people. It increased my self-worth and my self-value that resulted in having confidence and belief in myself. 

I want people to experience their inner strength and all that it offers.  As I learned about myself, I created the Tools of Strength program, started the Women’s Strength Initiative, Standing in Strength Movement, and #IBuiltHER under the model of Strength in order to support the mission and the vision of the Strong and Mighty Company.  




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